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From residential housing to multi-storey unit developments our designers and engineers will listen to your requirements and formulate individual design solutions tailored specially for your project.

Our structural engineers and designers have well over a century of combined years of residential design experience, with some of our senior engineers personally having in excess of 25 years of experience. This experience ensures that your residential building project is in the hands of some of the most skilled and experienced design teams in Queensland or beyond. If you can dream up a house design, regardless of shape or size, chances are that our design teams already know what has worked well and what hasn’t in numerous similar situations. This gives your home or building project an enormous advantage from the start in terms of both viability and structural integrity.

Big heart, small business values

We pride ourselves on being the friendly and approachable engineers and see real value in building good, solid working relationships with our clients. Having worked with most of “our” builders for well over 10 years we can honestly say that we enjoy maintaining these associations and watching our clients succeed is a real source of pride.

Being a small business ourselves, we inherently understand and are sympathetic to the challenges that our builders and co-consultants face with constant time and cost pressures. We like to operate with a degree of flexibility in our approach to job management, so if you need a job done to keep your workforce in the field, you can rest assured knowing we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

If you'd like to learn more about the sectors we operate in, please contact us.

Do you have a new project in the pipeline?

We provide a full range of civil & structural engineering services from planning & concept design, detailed design, through to construction management. Get in touch to request a Fee Proposal for your next project.